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Let us tell you OUR story…

Northern Oaks Senior Living’s mission and purpose is to find the balance in quality of life, team development, community support, and financial stability.   Our strength is in guiding and rebuilding facilities to foster a healthy and sustainable future for the communities we serve.

What Northern Oaks Senior Living is about

Northern Oaks was formed to positively impact the Senior Living industry. To do so, we support both the clients we serve and the facility’s ownership. As a team, we focus on creating tools, processes and products to lengthen stays while also increasing the quality of life for our residents and positively impacting the financial stability of the facility.

Northern Oaks Senior Living is here to support the owners, whether it be a community facility or individually owned and operated. We believe that creating a strong, sustainable, high-quality facility is critical in supporting the local economy, general community health status, and overall quality of life. We work closely with the community and ownership to ensure that their devotion and dedication to the facility is fully supported and fostered.

The complexities in regulation changes, human resource management, financial & marketing strategy, reimbursement navigation, benefit & wage management, & leadership development are difficult to navigate and often can create a fatiguing environment for facility ownership and operators. Northern Oaks takes the burden of these tasks off the shoulders of those that have worked diligently to support and operate the facility for years.


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"I got into the Assisted Living business because I care about the residents. However, with the complications and changes occurring in Human Resources, regulation and legal considerations, I found myself loosing site of what I entered in to this business for, the residents. When I hired on Northern Oaks to take on the day-to-day, not only did I get to do what I enjoyed most, they improved our bottom line and increased general satisfaction."

Renae RohlBusiness Owner

Our Five Principles


We are shifting the paradigm in resident engagement across the country. Using data, we design and develop activity plans around resident interest levels. Our assessment tool creates activities for residents based on values. Each resident finds a purpose while they are living in our facilities.


Northern Oaks knows it is important to look at the whole wellbeing of the individual, not just the physical wellbeing. Each person’s physical, mental, and  emotional wellbeing is top priority. We coach our team to look at other approaches besides medication. Caregiver responsibilities are across the board – cleaning, cooking, activities; everyone is part of the community and this allows for needs to be addressed earlier and on a deeper level.


An organization’s success is only as strong as the community it is located in. That’s why we prefer to have anything we do for business at the local level. We always strive to purchase materials and service from local community while still being fiscally responsible. This allows for sustainability for us and community.


We want to put you in the best place for success while always maintaining responsible stewardship of financial realities. Together we look at sustainable adjustments and provide resources for the long-term needs and programs at each location.


Team is core to what we do. We focus our time with your team and develop a strong, successful team that supports your resident’s unique needs.


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