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Our services are available in all critical support areas in the facility, the community, team, and for the clients. Northern Oaks is keenly aware of the dynamic environment of senior living and health care. While the general list of our services in broad terms are similar to what management companies provide, upon deeper inspection it is noted that our services are innovative, pliable, and balanced. They push the paradigm of traditional application and drive cultures and outcomes into level not routinely achieved by a management company.


Supporting the Dimensions of Well-Being  Lets Get Started

Why Choose Us

Facility Cost Containment

  • Staffing management
  • Utilization NOM designed tools
  • Real-time data collection with immediate corrective action
  • Market optimization driven expense allocation

Facility Revenue Maximization

  • Ongoing market assessment for facility & service line positioning
  • Strategy driven fee schedule & collection model
  • Financial evaluation, monthly financial dashboards, strategic planning/restructuring
  • Increased length of stay/Resident

Strength in Service Line

  • Marketing & Branding
  • Personnel/Cultural development, HR
  • Regulation Knowledge
  • Innovative Services
  • Brand Distinction
  • Utilization of NOM “smart” tools

Northern Oaks Senior Living Experience

  • Development of Existing & New Properties
  • Price & Service Setting
  • Demand Calculations/Assessments
  • Regulation Overhaul
  • Community Reconnection
  • Facility Valuation

Imagine what we can do.. together

Your focus is on your community’s success. To get the results you want, you need the best service possible and a partner you can trust to help reach your goals. With Northern Oaks, you can feel confident that you’ll receive the experience that has created so many success stories over the years. We’ve partnered with communities in South Dakota, Minnesota, North Dakota, & Iowa to deliver the Northern Oaks experience.


Strength in Growing Together  Lets Get Started